20/03/2019 06:00pm the Hive Prakanong

Finance for Geeks 2

FFG Workshop II – Startup Fund Raising 

For founders of a startup fund raising can consume much time and expense as well as be a great source of frustration. Questions such as when to fund-raise, how much funding should be solicited, which investors to approach and how to approach them frequently torment tech founders. This workshop is intended to help founders answer these questions, improve the probability of securing investment funds and illuminate a path towards more efficient fund raising. The workshop will commence with a Finance for Geeks 101 overview of basic concepts and principles of venture capital fund raising. Topics will then progress from formulating a fund raising strategy, content and delivery of the various types of pitches and preparation of prospectus documents, including the investor deck. The workshop will conclude with a snapshot of the current Thai venture capital fund raising environment.

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Created & Conducted by David Shelters

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