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Let’s be Vulnerable

Everyone has their own personal struggles, but not everyone has someone to speak to. So let’s be vulnerable together, as we all lend an empathetic ear to one another and offer our emotional support!👂🏻

💢 Does any of this apply to you:

• Difficulties to say NO to others
• Don’t feel comfortable asking for help
• Negativity is priority in your mind
• Seek perfection constantly
• Need to be right
• Afraid of what people will think about you
• No able to say sorry when needed
• Always pressured about performance
• Be very critical to your own self
• Always needing approval from others
• Feel lonely or misunderstood
• Don’t have a voice in this world
• Feels like other people’s time/projects/ideas is more important than yours

Maybe not all are applicable to you personally, but some of these may. Regardless of whether you would like to share, listen, or mainly gain insight on your own emotions come join us!

Some rules for these group meetings:
– Be on time
– Be open to speak up
– Be open to listen
– Respect others
– These sessions will be treated as confidential (just come if you are ok with this part), it’s a safe space to talk and share your thoughts
– Be all IN and commit to the process

First time will be free of charge, come, experience, and take a look if it is a group for you!

Fee: 600 THB is the fee per meetup session / 300 THB for Hive members.
There will be 2 meetups a month.

📆 When: Tuesday, 9th July 2019
📍 Where: The Hive Prakanong

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