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Become a more charismatic, powerful and influential speaker. The science proves only 7% of what you say is communicated through the words whereas 93% is through sub communication. Your voice happens to be a huge component of that.

This is not just restricted to giving presentations and talks. Every time you speak it betrays certain things about. How confident you are? Can you be trusted? What’s your social status? People are judging you instantly whether you like it or not, instinctively.

It doesn’t matter how clever, witty or insightful what you have to say is. If people aren’t even listening, there’s no point to saying the words. Your voice sub-communicates more than the actual words. To persuade you must communicate your emotions through tonality, pitch and volume. Emotions beat logic every time when it comes to persuasion.

If you want to spark attention, attraction, and engagement from the get-go, or you want people to take what you have to say seriously and be able to influence and persuade others, you absolutely must get your voice working for you, not against you.

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What you will learn from this:

How to engage people immediately using your tonality to command attention, authority, and positivity.
Discover how to use a breathing technique to strengthen and protect your voice so number one PEOPLE HEAR YOU and number two You never lose it after hollering over loud music or crowds “trying to be heard”
How to use the ring and resonance of your voice to cut through the sound at loud venues where being heard is difficult
Why the tone, pitch, and power of your voice will instantly signal to others your self-confidence, status, and beliefs regardless of what you are saying
How to use your pitch to match the message in a congruent way that hooks people and draws them in
How to increase your dynamic ranges and vocal frequency so that you’ll sound more interesting and people will want to listen to you
How to stop getting ignored or talked over using the techniques in the vocal power programme
Improve your diction and clarity so that you’re understood, the problem is not having a Thai accent or any other one, it’s the pronunciation (All Hollywood actors use these techniques) to get your diction on point, clear and confident
Create a powerful first impression at work, social setting or date so people respect you and what you are saying
Create attraction using just your voice, people responded to sub communication automatically, what is your voice sub communicating?
Move people emotionally with your vocal inflection, variance, and range
Unlock your natural power and set your voice free
Learn how your voice is connected to what you and other people feel about you

This is for you if:
You want to sound more attractive and charismatic when you speak to spark
You’ve ever been ignored when going up to a group of people and trying to speak to them
You get people talking over you in groups
You are worried about your accent and feel self-conscious about it speaking to others
You want a confident voice that engages people and commands respect
You need to present or speak publicly
You lose your voice after speaking in loud settings
You want to understand how you can use your voice to influence
You want to like the way you sound

This workshop is an interactive programme where you will take part in exercises that make immediate improvements to your voice. You’ll leave the workshop with practical tools to practice at home which will give you a more charismatic, powerful and interesting voice so that you can speak confidently.

A message from your Workshop Coach, David Bailey:

In Thailand, I speak to a lot of people who apologise to me for their lack of English capabilities. I can see they’re self-conscious about their accent and voice. And understandably, we think words are so important. And yet the way you speak is even more important than the words. If you begin with a placating, weak sauce, not sure of myself kind of voice, how seriously are people going to take you? Hint they may not even acknowledge your existence. And that sucks. This isn’t just for nonnative speakers. Anyone who speaks and communicates and wants to get better at it would benefit from this.

Why am I qualified to teach this? I remember many years ago a colleague turned to me and said: “I can’t lie but has anyone ever told you, you have a really boring voice”. OUCH. A pretty harsh comment to make, but the truth was I was speaking in a flat monotone voice that conveyed zero emotion. I had braces for 5 years and a broken jaw, which meant literally having my mouth wired shut for a month. This had not done wonders for my vocal projection, dynamic range, and diction. And because I was not keen on the way I sounded I spoke quietly so that half the time people wouldn’t hear what I had to say. Not a good combo trust me.

After realizing I needed to improve my voice if I wanted to have more impact in the world or even be heard. I set about getting this handled. I got a vocal coach, I hired one of the top 6 most successful Ted speakers of all time who specialized in voice work. I attended voice classes for actors and practiced daily until I had perfected a simple, teachable routine that would deliver results. Which is the vocal power programme.

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